Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Melbourne to Woodhouses

Above: Ashby Road, Woodhouses - the site of the demolished footpath sign.

Route: Melbourne - Pool - Weir - Pool Farm - Woodhouses - Browns Field - 2.6 km.

The shortest walk (Walk 1) in the book but there were several problems.

There was a missing marker into the field north east of Pool Farm (SK389245). This field itself was being harvested (oil-seed rape). I couldn’t see evidence that there had been a route across the field recently.

There's also a missing marker at the turn to Woodhouses complex (junction of Melbourne FPs 26 and 36); I think there should be a post or disk marker here (SK385243).

Then there's the missing finger post at the junction with Ashby Road (SK383242). This was mysteriously demolished after only a couple of days existence, early on this year. A replacement is on the way, but what happened to the original?

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