Saturday, 26 September 2009

Calke to Smisby and back

Route: Staunton Lane - Southwood House - Heath Farm - Pisternhill Plantation - Harry's Wood - Forties Lane - Smisby - Pisternhill Farm East - Wicket Nook - South Wood - Heath End Farm - Calke Estate.

Today we walked a large chunk of the Ticknall to Smisby circular (Walk 9). We started on Staunton Lane Calke close to Standley's Barn and Southwood House where there is a roomy parking spot on a bend. The route was clear all the way to the top of the Pisternhills. The weather became cloudier as we progressed uphill but it was dry and reasonably warm. The path from the ridge top to the main Ticknall to Ashby Road was clear except for the last hundred metres where ploughing has destroyed it (below).

The path should run across this ploughed field - top to bottom.

The rest of the route to Smisby was uneventful though I always enjoy walking down the sunken part of Forties Lane. After a pint (decent Fullers London Pride) and a lunchtime snack at the Smisby Arms we headed back to Calke. The next stage of the walk had several problems.

Missing finger post on the Ticknall-Ashby Road - SK351193

Firstly the signpost was damaged on the main road (above) and then the path along the side of the field was very overgrown and difficult to walk. Worse still, the path across the field, lower down, was nearly impossible to walk being completely cropped with potatoes.

Field in crop with potatoes near Pisternhill Farm - SK353193.
Impossible walking.

The route from Pisternhills onwards was fine. Wicket Nook is a wonderful spot as is the approach to Heath End Farm.

Missing fingerpost Calke Estate - SK359217

The only blot on the final part of the walk was a missing finger post at the junction of Staunton Lane. I am pretty sure that I have reported this already.

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