Saturday, 31 October 2009

Melbourne to Donington walk

Walking group
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Today a group of walkers from Melbourne Civic Society walked to Castle Donington (along Melbourne FP 20 and Castle Donington L87) to check the condition of the paths and test routes through Isley Walton, Langley Priory, Tonge and Wilson. Part of the Castle Donington leg had been closed last year for 6 months at the behest of Donington Park Racecourse.

The weather stayed fine with the odd glimpse of sun. They had a short break in Donington before walking up towards the airport and Isley Walton. The path from Langley Priory to Tonge was challenging as a section had been ploughed up and another area was heavily cropped with no clear right of way.

The group really enjoyed the walk (over 10 miles) but were quite tired by the time they returned to Melbourne!

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