Saturday, 12 December 2009

Curious signs on Melbourne FP6

Double FP signs

Melbourne FP6 runs from Cockshut Lane to Derby Road opposite the old Sir Frances Burdett PH.

It makes a useful short cut avoiding a sharp bend in the road.
You can link it with Breach Lane, Poppy Wood and the St. Brides Bridleway to make a return stroll to Melbourne.

Half way across is this curious double sign erected, I guess, in the 1960s when the local Parish Council asked for intermediate signing along the route. It is by the small footbridge.

When I walked it this week the middle section of the path was very wet due to a month of rain.

Beyond this sign the route can be unclear, you have to make for the white Frances Burdett building.

From Cockshut Lane
Looking towards the Sir Frances Burdett from Cockshut Lane (distant white building on left).

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