Sunday, 17 January 2010

Not as it seems

shl to park drive cropped new line v2
I have been playing with a new piece of online software called “Where’s the path”. It consists of two views of the same patch of land. One side can be a modern OS map (1:50000 is the most detailed at the moment) the other side can be Google maps or Google Earth or even 1930s OS maps. The beauty of this free (so far) software is that you can follow paths on one side and plot them on the other. This will make a lot more sense once you get your hands on it.

In the example above (click on the image) the yellow/green line is the route as plotted from the OS map; the red line is the actual route on the ground. This is Melbourne FP25 from the Ashby Road (opposite Sir Henry’s Lane) to Park Drive, Breedon. I had always thought that the line was wrong especially in the middle stretch now I can prove it.

I guess this is fairly typical of footpaths elsewhere and not much can be done about it whilst more urgent problems have still to be addressed.

“Where’s the path” can be found here.

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