Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Stanton by Bridge - a new path for me!

It's a pity that nothing has been done about this signpost at the southern end of Swarkestone Bridge. It has been like this since August 2009. Look here.

I came upon this after a short stroll around the eastern part of the village. There was only one Melbourne footpath I have never walked and that one runs round the back of the Stanton Water Works down to Stanton Barn. It's a very pleasant path but the initial marking is non existent.

From Stanton Barn I walked towards the Causeway down Ward's Lane. Crossing the road I found (again) the sign above and lots of new barbed wire. Up the path, the gate across the route looks like an obstruction as I couldn't find a way to open it so had to squeeze by on the left hand side.

Reaching the Main Street I turned right then left and walked past the splendidly named The Retreat. I wanted to check the state of the stile by the side of the garden of Hills Cottage. I was glad to see a new bright yellow marker disk on the stile. I returned to the Jubilee Oak (where I had parked) along the short footpath through the wooded area behind the A514.

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