Monday, 23 August 2010

Blissful Walk on the Leicestershire Round

It's been sometime since I have walked in High Leicestershire and yesterday was the perfect day to do it after so much dismal weather.

This is an unspoilt part of the country, moderately high for the region (600 to 700 feet) and with glorious vistas from the hill top villages. Walking is easy on the whole as route marking is very good with those friendly yellow posts. I was also lucky to find a decent pub in Somerby, the Stilton Cheese and will have to visit Grant's in Burrough on the Hill soon which has its own brewery.

Route: Thorpe Satchville (Bakers Lane) - Burrough - Somerby - Leicestershire Round through Dalby Hills - Burrough hillfort - Thorpe Satchville via Bakers Lane. About 8 miles.

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