Tuesday, 12 October 2010

First the Old Plough has gone and now the footpath is being moved!

This is all that's left of the Old Plough at Weston: an attractive old pub flattened to make way for a housing estate. That's bad enough but now the footpath is going to be moved from stone wall it used to follow to a pavement through the estate. It looks as if there's not much that can be done now. This is just a further degradation of our Right of Way system.


Walker said...

How very sad ... and it's all about someone making a killing financially.

Someone makes a lot of money and in the process a pub is lost and so, in effect, is a footpath.

I wonder where the developer lives ?

histman said...

JT Investments seem to be located in Burton on Trent. The same company flattened The Chesterfield Arms in Hartshorne recently for a similar development. I can't find out much about them except that the Tory MP for Billericay is one of their directors. He has his own property company. It's a small world.