Sunday, 11 March 2007

Status report - March 2007

Looking back over the past few months I summarise below what the present status is with path problems reported in the Melbourne area to Derbyshire County Council.

Unresolved problems:

Swarkestone Causeway - missing sign and blocked access (reported December 2006).
Melbourne FP12 - route not put back after ploughing in Autumn 2006 (many reports over two years).
Melbourne Pool to Pool Farm - collapsed stile only partially repaired.
Stanton by Bridge - missing finger post on path that starts opposite Turkey Oak on the village green. 13/3 - a gate has now been installed across the path.

Melbourne FP12 - signs placed on Station Road and Wilson Lane.
Melbourne Cockshut Lane - redundant sign removed but no sign through Loake Court complex.

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