Sunday, 18 March 2007

Troublesome Ticknall

The paths on the Calke estate are generally well maintained but cross the road in Ticknall and things become a lot harder.

It's the usual story, local farmers not putting paths back in after ploughing. The Scaddows side of Ticknall can be tough going with the heavy clay.

Two paths this weekend have been very difficult. The first one starts from behind Orchard Barn on the Ashby Road. After crossing a narrow field a rickety stile takes you into a large field with no discernible path. The route eventually leaves the field through a twin metal gate over a small stream heading towards Top Farm.

Looking back to houses on Ashby Road. Heavy clay - no path.

On the return leg of the walk the path from the Hartshorne Road is a nightmare crossing heavy ploughed up clay. This path has been a problem in the past. Is it ever properly maintained?

Footpath from Ashby Road. Over the stile things get difficult!

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