Monday, 10 August 2009

Dimminsdale Circular

View of Staunton Harold through the Deer Park wall close to the Dimminsdale car park.
Route: Dimminsdale car park (Severn Trent) - Dimminsdale - Heath End -Staunton Harold - Permissive path - Deer Park wall - Dimminsdale car park. 4.3 km. Walk 11 in the book.

Lots of recent work in Dimminsdale - new boardwalks and bridges - has made this route easier to walk in damp weather. The route through Heath End is clear as the book leads you down the main vehicle access to Heath End's vernacular buildings. Leicestershire CC has installed several new Centrewire metal swing gates along the route (below).

Looking towards cottages at Staunton Harold

The path from Heath End to Staunton Harold was rather squelchy. The posted bulletin from John Blunt (owner of Staunton Harold) was amusing as usual. Look out for it on the noticeboard opposite the Ferrers Centre. Staunton Harold as always was a "picture" with its wonderful lawns for public use.

The only anomaly that occured to me on the walk was the spelling of Keith's Clump (as it appears in the book). The sign provided by the Staunton Harold estate reads Keiths's Clump. Is this a misplaced apostrophe or have we made a mistake?

New bridge at Dimminsdale


peahen said...

I think those clanky metal gates look so out of place. I have seen (I can't remember which authority) a green version. If we really have to have metal gates rather than stiles, the green painted version is so much less of an eyesore.

histman said...

Good point, peahen. I hadn't thought of that. My wife likes them as she struggles with stiles after breaking her leg skiing. I prefer stiles myself. I checked on the Centrewire site and they do provide green coated kissing gates.