Monday, 10 August 2009

Heath End - Sign to nowhere

The above sign can be seen by the side of the track to Heath End passing by the long closed and lamented Saracens Head PH.

The track is not very clear and a bit forbidding to walk as you pass in front of what is now a private house with a "grand" drive and posh gate.

I hope that Leicstershire County Council Rights of Way officers (who are excellent) will improve the marking here and reposition the sign in the correct direction and chop down the offending foliage.

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peahen said...

It's always a bit intimidating going through someone's garden! (Though I keep telling myself that they were aware of the right of way when they bought the property.) I'm still not 100% clear about whether the Ivanhoe Way officially takes the path through that garden or whether it takes the alternative footpath around the edge. LCC's website mentions the squeezers, which suggests that it does go through the garden, but I feel uncomfortable doing that and prefer to go around the edge.