Monday, 1 February 2010

Weston Cliff - looking for the old ferry

Location: Weston-on-Trent, Derbyshire SK394273
Start: Weston Parish Church

The bridge above carries the footpath from Weston Cliff over the Trent Navigation. It is a very picturesque spot. Uphill to the left is the old Cliff Inn now a Ukrainian social club. The Cliff Inn at one time was the old Manor House. Now it's looking rather scruffy with lots of old vehicles parked round the site and a large "Keep Out" sign on a nearby metal gate.The inn building (below) seems to have taken a bit of a battering with several inappropriate additions.

weston cliff inn

I was trying to find the site of the old Weston ferry that took people over the Trent to Kings Newton and Melbourne along Melbourne footpath 2, also known on as the Trent Meadow path. After crossing the canal bridge you come down on to the tow path. At this point look for a grooved path on your right which heads towards the River Trent. The path makes its way over a little bridge with a tall metal gate. From here a clearly defined track takes you to the river bank.The ferry reached the other bank to the left of the electricity pylon opposite, but I could find no sign of it on this side.

weston trent meadow bridge

Walking back towards the canal I was surprised about the amount of litter here. Back on the bank I turned right and strolled towards Kings Mills. This section is usually very quiet with views of Weston Church and Hall on your left and the Wiggs, Kings Newton on your right. Pass under canal bridge 9 and about 700 metres later you come to Weston Lock. Cross the canal bridge and walk uphill towards Weston. Just after the railway bridge a path leads you through two fields to the car park of the defunct Old Plough. The grounds of the Plough are in a mess; lots of trees have been cut down/back and some of the contents of the pub have been scattered around. Looking back at the pub you realise what a big place it was. It must have been several cottages knocked into one.

The Old Plough Weston-on-Trent

From the triangular Green walk towards the Coopers pub, within a few metres an arrow on a pole points left to a path between fencing. When this opens out make your way around the lake to a spot directly opposite the Coopers. In the hedge you will find a post with two arrow markers (you might have to search for it). From here head diagonally right to the corner of this large field. When you reach the road turn left and soon you will see the track that leads back to the church.

The route in Google Maps:

Route around Weston Village


Churnet said...

The Old Plough has now been demolished

histman said...

A loss for the village, I think. It was my preferred drinking place when walking around the village.