Thursday, 11 February 2010

Scaring the birds and walkers?

A pleasant afternoon to walk along Melbourne FP 20 to Castle Donington. However just behind Ramsley House I came across this. On investigation it became clear that it was a bird scarer on some type of timer. I have no problem with farmers using these as long as they don't go off all night by mistake! However it is not sensible putting one by the side of a Public Footpath. In fact this is totally against the advice of the NFU who strongly advise they are located away from walking routes. They should also be surrounded by baffles usually in the form of bales (image from NFU leaflet below). There should also be a warning notice before you come to the scarer.

bird scarer

Navigation around here can be difficult as the marker post in the hedge beyond this point is well and truly hidden. So hidden - that I only spotted it today and this is my third time down this path in three months! Hopefully this will be improved soon.

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