Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A letter to all General Election candidates in South Derbyshire

Help break down the barriers to walking in South Derbyshire

I’m writing to you to ask you to sign the Ramblers General Election Manifesto for Walking. I’m very keen that my local parliamentary candidates join me and the Ramblers in breaking down the barriers to walking, which include:

•Physical barriers - we want to see the next Government protect and improve Britain's unique path network and deliver the coastal route

•Financial Barriers: we want to see the next Government link agricultural subsidies to recreation and access provision and invest in walking schemes to benefit health, wellbeing, environment, the rural economy and climate change

•Cultural barriers: we want to see the next Government position the walker at the top of the transport hierarchy and take tough action against those who put walkers’ lives at risk through reckless driving

•Legal barriers: we want to see the next Government amend legislation to require an independent review when there is an objection to orders to gate alleyways which are used by people on foot; protect and promote public access and space, and make green space accessible, safe, and well-maintained, through use of the planning process in both town and country.

South Derbyshire has a varied footpath network but too often it is poorly signed and maintained. I walk regularly in the area and rarely do I complete a walk without missing markers and /or damaged stile or gates. I always report these but action is very slow despite the valiant efforts of the local footpath officer who obviously needs more resources.

To sign up to the Ramblers General Election Manifesto please email from your constituency or official email address.

Many thanks for your time.


I'll publish any replies I receive on this blog.

The Ramblers' Manifesto is here.

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