Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Manifesto pledges 2010

Luckily these are now easily accessible on the web and also easy to search. So I have searched through the main three manifestos (we only have three candidates here) for reference to ROWs and public access. Here's what I found:

"We will take forward the Marine and Coastal Access Act and ensure that its conservation measures are implemented effectively." (Page 95)

I wonder what the words "take forward" mean?

"We have created two National Parks in the New Forest and South Downs, and given the public a Right to Roam our mountains, moors and heaths. We will now extend this to the whole English coastline." (Page 8:5)

A bit more promising - no dates when this might be completed, though.

"Increase the general right of access to the countryside, along the
lines of the model introduced by the Liberal Democrats in Scotland." (Page 81)

I like the sound of this one - does it mean a fuller Right to Roam?

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