Monday, 5 July 2010

Ingleby - Lows and Highs

Route: St Brides, Robin Wood, Knowle Hill House, Seven Spouts track, Ingleby Toft Back Lane, Ingleby, John Thompson PH, Ingleby Toft, Woodend Lane, St Brides.

Today I decided to check the paths around Ingleby. After passing by the tree felling at Robin Wood (below) the bridleway which is usually very muddy was fine. In fact I hardly recognised the track! The route through to Knowle Hill House was easy to follow even when passing through crops and I managed to get a great view of the Landmark Trust property I hadn't seen before. Just beyond Knowle Hill House a stile was broken. Disappointing, as I had reported this some time back.

Knowle Hill House

After crossing the lane that goes between Ingleby Toft and Seven Spouts the bridleway was again clear through crops. On reaching the Ingleby Toft to Foremark back lane I noticed a broken finger post and a missing one on the other side of the road. Instead of going straight over and down to Ingleby I decided to check a path that comes off the lane a little further west. This was a new one to me and I found it difficult to find the entrance in the hedge which was very over-grown. After hacking away at the greenery I managed to enter the field at the start of the path. There was a dead baby deer on my left, fly-ridden in the heat. The path should have been on my right. Unfortunately it was obstructed by a barbed wire fence. Another report to be made to DCC!

Blocked path

I went back up the lane, not wishing to tangle with the wire and non existent path, and came down to Ingleby by the bridleway. The John Thompson Inn was closed so I made my way up Ingleby FP1 which for once was actually marked through a crop. The rest of the route through Ingleby Toft, Woodend Lane and back to St Brides was luckily uneventful.

Ingleby FP1 - open for a change

Above - Ingleby FP1 - actually navigable! A pity it's not on the DM line but you can't have everything!

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